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DOWNLOAD super muri quod rimas (on a wall that cracks)

Born Rudolph Adidi, an Architect/Spoken word poet. He gets personal with this upshot release using a Latin title ‘Super Muri Quod Rimas’ which means ‘on a wall that cracks’ as his guide in creating a conceptual album that is chock-full of bruised sentiments and sincerity. This continues from his previous album ‘Handwriting’ with works like ‘Limbo’ whose rewards are numerous with theatrical production by producer Greal supporting his deep content. ‘BREATHe’ innates the heartache in him to be free like a flowing river. ‘This is how you Love a Metaphor’ make a good run of highlights bringing into limelight a deep yet soul singer Fania. While you look out for that, be sure to know that The Red Cap Poet said his ‘LAST WORD (ultimas palabra)’ that describes the state of the nation (you didn’t think he wouldn’t talk about his country, do you?)

To enjoy this album, I will suggest you do the following with no questions asked

Get yourself a good headset, Open your soul like you would your ears, Take a deep breath and listen to the tracks, Refer someone to have this therapy, Play the album again, Let poetry live longer than popularity sings.

P.S. the album is a good quarantine remedy.


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