ORACLE (a sketchy February)

I am not your pain
I am not your silence
break forth from where there’s stain
take off all of these hurting absence.
Clasp your hands, chant it from your mind
I, who knows will of course fix your kind.

You’re broken and shattered
a piece of effigy that describes lost,
a nomad of fear and one that is battered,
litter your water on this floor
do not even use the skilled metaphor.
Rhyme all you want
your hurt, my name it chants.

I am not your pain, I am Oracle
I am not your silence, I am Oracle
Break forth from where is stain, the Oracle cleanses
Take off, this is the Oracle’s presence
Clasp your hands and chant my name ‘Oracle’
I will fix your mind like I did the Oracle.

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