SHATTERED (a sketchy February)

Aren’t all people made of glass? Paula asked
Daddy cracked one day in May
and soon, we never heard what he’d say.
So I picked my bones and wrote out these words

We were woven into a fabric
then later we grew roots and became a tree
once we were in the fields
they picked us by our ankles
tied us to the pain of their comfort.
They taught us love
they taught us hatred.
There was a rain and thunder
it will strike our guts dead and leave us bare.
That’s how I remember this tale.

Aren’t we all made of glass? I asked
I have cracked open in front of many
I have failed as a bloke who loved a lady.
She broke me into infinite pieces and
this is what I remember

‘One day I will not lose,
I will receive a cloud of strength
and rain down hymns of love,
I won’t cry again
Whatever hurts won’t be that sad again
If we are all what Paula say we are
then as broken, we won’t piece up again.
Goodbye self. I’d find you soon.

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