ROBOT (a sketchy February)

Please, please and please, please
I beg you, let yourself fly,
you are not meant to sit on this ground
while your blood is made of air and wind.
Open your heart and let these wings take you away.
You are not cursed to bend a knee for this.

I hope you’re listening, son of the Earth,
You were molded with a smile to dent your face
kindness to stain your heart
love to distract your mind
and compassion to swallow your will.
A fair yet dark side of the moon kissed you,
the ocean left herself in you
after she came through your eyes and travelled
down to your belly.

You are no robot dear sun
so you must rest from your shine,
you must be thirsty from rising from sleep,
you must cry when your clouds gather,
you must mourn when your moon disappears
and you must love with every single ray.
I say it again dear son
you are no robot so please fly.

Fly from this sadness
take a break from this fire burning your soul,
find solace in the river flowing from your ice
take dancing lessons with guts you are alive.
Love is hard when you’re pricked by it’s rose.

Fly black boy, please and please fly.

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