FAT (a sketchy February)

So you think the reason I left you
was because you grew transparent like an ocean.
No! I am not worth that kind of pain,
My mind knows hurt but not how to train
against the running hills when they come to you,
even while we are valley and hills
mountains living beside a stream.

I did love you before all that,
before a road was built into purgatory
before the cleansing of sin with salt water.
So why doubt the reason I’m gone,
all cause you grew fat as an elephant?
I more than myths hidden with keys of doubt.
You’re as curvy as a baobab tree,
with skin that could heal a scar,
if touched with the tongue.

Here’s why I am gone,
Here’s why my foot leave with its prints.
Your box of gifts were to inhumane
a big jacket to shelter me from the cold,
an oversized slipper that will wear my feet when I am not looking.
and that isn’t all.
You gave me a box of chocolates that smelt like her
so when I eat it, I will grow fat.

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