SWIM! (a sketchy February)

How do you lace your feet to water
while your heart is anchor?
your will becomes a life jacket that drowns you
it drowns you till you become blue.
The color of water when it is angry
or holding the memories of hurting me.

How do you lace your hands in the ocean?
why is your heart not in motion?
For each belching sound of death
your flesh will remove its Earth.
No borders will stop your eyes
no melting will befall your ice.

How do you lace your hips to the river
when your heart and hands are not together?
Where is the moon spirit buried in the water?
where do the gods eat while they gather?
Tell them Yaro has fallen of his boat
and no more will death be the coat
Tell the grasses covering the wailing sound of the ground.

How do you lace your tongue around the word swim?
While God made her, the word float was meant for him.
Do not be scared to touch your core
Open up your deep, feel all sore.
Let the clouds in your eyes steam to dust
and when you’re in this stream, my words you must trust.

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