UNTITLED (Naomi says)

Naomi told me today ‘hurt is inevitable so long light exists’
It only meant darkness comes not to stay
and worrying may never be the way.
She says the heart understands what we say
and even while we lie that its a play
we will dig a hole and still call it a cyst.

So I met with my pain today
it looked nothing like what they say
this one wants to stay
as long as it can block the way
it does take every tears as foreplay.
She gives me this page to assist.
She says worry is only a color close to teal
and if you let tears fall, it will heal
don’t close the borders on this river
embrace the rage, its wind and all it can gather,
so long you’re alive, let your tears have wings
give them to the Earth, it knows where to sting.
No amount of time can remember where it hurts more,
only a soul with sole
an eye with a blind hole
a flag hanging on a pole
taking the route of the wind that comes with doubt
no matter your tongue or its shout
no page can carry it all.
Naomi told me today ‘hurt is inevitable so long light exists’
don’t tie a blade around your wrist,
Let go of what worry insists.
Life is never better if you let ego persists.

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