The sound of rain falling when I’m in bed with a lover,
the breath stuck with me till expiry date.
The hands of a potter beating drums in my chest,
The physics of walking on two feet
stretched by a femur that houses weight.
The ray of the sun burning sins in hell
The existence of a Garden that was home before,
The nostalgic breeze of heaven
The questions of survival
The answers of a Hannah.

What makes my heart beat is the nostrils of God
oozing air to the plants surviving beside my earthless’ fingers.
The color of the rainbow seaming into the clouds,
the prophecy of the stars needing a clay model
The reason for animals to be in peace
The healing of the earth,
The reason for rebirth.
The clarion chime of christened crimsons
burnt from blood
lived from a life.
What makes your heart beat is more than life
or just a wrinkle of time crisped as age.
It is not the psalms sung for the dead
or the handshakes shaking a tomb.
It is one and of a belief
true, a desire underneath the mind.
A giggle made in the cosmos.
What makes your heart beat is divine,
don’t try to accompany it with this understanding
or you will fall in a dead beat of a noiseless music.

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