Through the eyes of the past
I saw fear and anger
How metals clashed with bones
And how fires melted pure souls
When tears were manure to grounds
That bore our marks and earths bound

Through the eyes of the present
I fear for my anger
How automated minds will spill
Blood for fire and blood for water
Love will find its boundary
And murder for its flaming cause
Where words will find its own curse

Through the eyes of tomorrow
I want to see a smile and tear
Of joy to stay and wean peace
In war or words, fate shall not tire us
Pain shall subdue its sharp edge
Around the curve of life we go
To twinkling stars beyond blues
To loved ones who died with no clue

Through your eyes
I see fear and saw anger
Through your eyes
I saw joy and see sorrow
Through your eyes
I see the future of yesterday
The past of the present
I see a whole new eye
And eye that loves
With lips that curve.
Yes; through your eyes

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