The night shall carry alot of stories
like how we folded our thoughts
and covered it with barren deeds.
It shall covet the moon with smiles of stars
it will be like the veil holding virgins
bounding their winter with frost of pain.
If sleep thus comes
We will both have arrived at the same time.

The air shall be noisily quiet
with breaths of strong willed emotions
blowing through the labour of our hands
rubbing itself together like the sun and sky.
The battle of pores and river flow
that breaks where stream comes just once
or more if sleep thus comes,
We shall be quiet with smiling dreams.

These walls shall bear us both a witness
and tell our secrets to the ground
when queens and kings don’t sing lullabies
and let our shadows play the sound.
We will both in merriment find your arms
and let you lead our rest to rest
When sleep thus comes.
The moon will be up in the sky.


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