When I first met me I thought I was Zulu from South Africa

Cause I naturally had love for the folks in the Town called Cape

And Cyril’s cousin, Chris and I were cool cats

1931 spoke lots about our struggles

When our idol, The Great Britain, became our rival

Revolution was twinkling like a little star
With a smile as large as an ocean, I wore my scar

I was proud of it like it was bling made of diamond
Like gold dust, my sorrow was no way to be found

I became Jacob Zuma with a hundred significant others

My imaginary root is savage. Lion.



Echebiri Gabriella


Rome, It’s beautiful landscape is a pathway to paradise

Sergio Mattarella is a greedy goat getting great at gambling with government properties and making more money from muddled mass with his scepter of power

1946,her independence gave birth to her success


In its beautiful weather I sat prettily
But yet my heart wept bitterly

Her gold radiates like the sun on a bright day
Iron as tough as the hardest rock

Giorgio Napolitano, his predecessor walked to the ends of the earth to secure this greatness

An Eagle




England is the Eden

You’re London Abraham, the father of nations

May must most march

a man who was never born but exists

You brought light to the dark hole of the universe

Thy colour is thy beauty’s hand
Thy nature cause the shoulders haughty band

You shall dig it like it’s the grave to find it
The treasure is like your life, you’d keep it

Mother Theresa may blessed art thou amongst Million men

Lion of the Tribes





Lisbon- a first curtain covering the sun

Marcelo de Sousa- slippery stained snake in sheepskin

1195 – your age hangs like time, the beginning

South Sudan – a last born

The custodian who holds the light
a music made of harp and oil of the night.

All your umbrella covering you like forests and trees
your willingness to dominate the earth like iron ore is wisdom.

A loud-mouthed tree whose leaves hangs in the air.




Adekunbi Ogunsuyi


Rome sits on the bounds of heaven

Sergio is a sea dragon on a sail boat

1946, the year that axed her chains

An eclipse of civilisation and ignorance

Her edifice, designed artfully
Her people interact casually

With pathways bright as gold
Expensive as petroleum

Giorgio reelected for washing the citizens feet and ruled with a scale.

Grey wolf.

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