I will welcome the arms beyond this earth,
goodbyes and welcome suits eternity.
I could home death and still be called rebirth.
Auctions of pride, wheeling morality.

Home-love does not differ from hair and skin,
don’t prove you’re their son, the tongue never lies
It stays woke to curse the enemy’s pin.
Make sure you leave memories worth the price.

Also in these notes are methods to grow,
water your deeds to the moon, remain true.
Your pain, let it become your river’s flow.
I will be watching you from the sky’s blue.

This was his message in parchments of old,
he said read it my son, when you feel cold

Ruddapoet [TRCP]

I reminisce the scent from the kitchen,
And a bite from that food could heal my ache,
The days the whole family went fishing,
The nights we forgot sleep and stayed awake.

I reminisce the days we all argued,
Over whose meat piece was the larger share,
The elated fun days when we canoed,
With our butts to the ground all rough and bare.

I reminisce nights of peace and quiet,
And all we would hear was grandma’s loud snore,
The days when punishment were slim diets,
The memories of my home I adore.

I genuinely long for home, I admit,
Before long, I will pay home a visit.


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