I alone survived the sketches of the start,
I saw the beginning begin from his lips.
He said ‘My boy, shall we break these walls apart?’
I feared the sun would bid farewell backflips.

So in creation, darkness held the window,
light held the other side, to come forth later.
So we called them curtains, guarding the clocks flow.
Humans extol them as their needs they cater’.


Ruddapoet [TRCP]



The dreams and wonders over the many years
The lessons I have learnt, and mistakes I made too
The taboos I saw and idle words I spoke and heard
Didn’t alter the reality that truth remained always true

But tides and task kept me far from the facts of life
Then cash got me relaxed to ideas that time was rife
My belief was pierced and now I agree
But the curtains of earth are drawn all over me


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