Family is everything
Family is medication
Medication for life
Medication for pain
Pain from people
Pain from wars
Wars of worlds
Wars of man
Man that worry
Man that fear
Fear of sorrows
Fear of unknown
Unknown bearing
Unknown paths
Paths to heaven
Paths to love
Love today
Love tomorrow
Tomorrow that stays
Tomorrow that leaves
Leaves of good
Leaves from our tree
Tree making us
Tree of love
Love beyond time
Love before all
All of our becoming
All of beautiful
Beautiful memories
Beautiful years
Years with discipline
Years of hope
Hope of old age
Hope for sweet
Sweet nights and day
Sweet scent of life
Life with smiles
Life with laughter
Laughter resounding
Laughter for Frown
Frown of missing
Frown of a scar
Scar of together
Scar to remember
Remember this house
Remember your roots

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