Nearly nocturnal as night falls.
Memories; my maiden mistress never misplaced.
Naive, I nagged,
Not noticing she was near tears.
She was sick, singing in a shaky voice.
And her sighs stenched sour.
It took seven severe years to seal her scars.
1999 her socially sound schooled son was sentenced to death.
Date and time she remembered in detail.
Doctors making shallow her doctrinal deep faith.
“Dust to dust” she repeated after the deacon.
1999 her son Daniel died


1999 was my year of misery,
My year of misery was 1999.
As my life sat sorrowfully upon a fence,
So upon a fence sorrowfully sat my life.

Having to choose between love and lust,
Or the cost of loving the lust.
I was roughly young and old,
But young and old roughly I was.

I hated the fact that I loved him,
But I loved the fact that I hated the fact that I love him.
It was so funny to Kate,
That I refused to fornicate.


Lo and Behold, Fathers woke up the same,
the morning bountifully open her doors
poured her raisin into our eyes.
The wind trespassing her endless journey
passing the house mouthing who were dead.

Lo and Behold, the end would be near,
the preacher screams more chapters and offering boxes,
Jesus says repent but submit all your riches.
We were born with no clothes on, and so you must you die.

Lo and Behold, I just turned 8
I spoke of how the world gave me life late.
Should I be in school, it will be quarter to Eight.
And don’t forget, I’d still see the bully I hate

Lo and Behold, Love still existed
It was the flower that grumbled in rain.
It became a rainbow bowing before colors.
Love was near my heart but looked like mother.
Lo and Behold, everything looks like now.


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