You either dance old or dance vogue, So leave conditions for crayfish.
Don’t laugh prodigiously if you see a village fowl eating Concords because at edge of disorder there is a steaming possibility
Kookorokoo, you can either journey to the stars and let the moon be your first landing place or you can go beyond the stars for pilgrim still
Whatever the case may be, drowning in the numb-zen-ness of light can only assure you a new spirit.
Dprime Rasheed.

Sit down by the fire, let the warmth soak through your pores.
You drench your clothes with futile tears, living in the glory of past years like the sound in the hollow gourd, a constant resounding echo.
Do you still listen for old songs that play faintly in the wind? The future, a beacon tiny but clear beckons your steps in the darkness, as dawns greyish cloak calls the sun.
Then, let the new songs be raised and the talking drum sound anew melodiously a herald to new beginning.

Beginnings always start with a striking pen
leasing its ink to the pages below,
telling the secrets of the heart and mind
pouring away the rust from stab wounds,
slowly swallowing the thorns held by the rose.
This is how I begin to be right,
telling of yesterday and it’s wrong,
edging the darkness covered at night,
while the sun comes with a new song.
I know of new beginnings
when words started to giggle at my poems
telling the missed takes I made
On this roadー
and wishing I learnt it before noon
so when you become suns,
I will be moon.

Last night was a myth the pregnant cloud was due with thunder and lightening
She cried deeply
Terrified I watched with all hope lost
Slowly the morning whispered arise and see
The morning dew washed away my past
The rising sun crowned me with strength and the birds of the air sang alas!
Its a new beginning.

The stream water mirage’s the face of a lion,
in excitement he utter’s the beginning of his beauty.
A new beginning is always the reflection of an old beginning.
These posers arouses on the pitch of my mind,
is it the old beginning that leads to the new beginning or on the reversing?
No wonder the wind starts up and ends up no where.
I had swam in the ocean of new beginning,
some new beginning I wish it never started.
Some new beginning I wish it never ceased.
What then is new?
Each day I see the sun beginning its sunny.
The other day I heard the sun call the attention of the moon when it elapsed.
If the moon shines brightest only with the support of the stars, then I can’t say is a new beginning.
And the Sun supports on,
will it be a new beginning since it appears each day?
Again, for the record.
If the sun shines, the moon is anchored on the stars, I then refuse to be either.
These cloud of darkness has transposed, seeing the rays, following the rays, walking with the rays is a New beginning to me and that’s my judgment.
Jnr Thomas Word.

On my knees in tears I go
Breath taken and seized by the arrows of my past
Cast and forgotten, my old ways, rotten
Hope broke up with me at age five
No work was worth working
Oh! They were
But it was I who wasn’t worth working
The rag of paupers’ miserable shoes I became and
Yes! I had nothing in my name
With my streaming and blury eyes I ask
   “Gosh! What to do!
I can never be able to escape from this shell!
Who do I turn to!
“Turn to yourself”
So said the calm voice from above the staircase of my subconscious and feeble mind
“You can turn to the other phase of your life where greatness is you
You can have a fresh start, a new beginning “

Bringing in ripples
When his eyes caught the picture of yesterday
He is muddled, what his today has become
The shadowy drowned the sunrise in his dreams
Everything looks grey
Illusions sits in the illustrations of today
A silhouette of a man his become
Overburdened, broken
Putting his life on the line like spread clothes
His ear out to listen
For roars, cracking the clouds to laugh
Waiting for the rains to sing
Let the rains come
Soil my dreams
Grow new roots
Have a new beginning
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