SLEEPING PEACE (for Kofi Annan 8 April 1938 – 18 August 2018)

Lakes of farewell row your boat,
a great seed to an iroko in death.
Gone are you but tales remain
In the deep creek of your nobility.
Here, where psalms of your accolade
hold the curtains of peace
We remain in death’s begging of please.
Our fisherman,
whose boat came with water
to feed the fishes, to tell of clean oceans.
Rest your head in the pillows made of clouds.
Look to see us continue wailing in our differences.
Rest well Annan

We hail your hands that fetched us calm,
your feeble lips that spoke to the noisiest towns.
Your words dial an echo throughout humanity
just like your death did, just like it did…
We will sing of your shadows that held the sun,
shading the children of God or that of Allah.
Halo will your name be in gold dust,
itching through time, scratching our minds.
Sleep well Atta.

In your passing, we do not forget your stand
your pulpit of love, your pylon that healed.
Never have these walls unwritten your deeds,
seeds you left in us, suns to rule a day.
Hope to the darkened, where moons were to reside.
Love of your page, we live to hold dear.
Dream with the angels
Dream and we will talk of you
Kofi the Ghanian boy.

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