On these wavy streets

Are toggle case characters

Spelling all sorts of pain and misdirection

Some sit with the sun raining curse upon the moon

While others are with the wind

Chanting fever hymns to feeble minds.

Everyday their bells keep chiming

When the gates open to let them drive out – madness

They are the cause of what spells

In a colorful shade of misery

How gods of fool they can be

Living on these wavy streets.

they possess possessed facade

hunting their little desires as men

calling on treasure map in between her legs

these characters are carried away with their wits

knitted upon the failure of their river.

some of us despise their source

and think of the prayer of pottery

we play to the salvation rock

to cause earthquake eat the ground.

on these wavy streets

are toggle case like characters

some look drowned, the others were dead.


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