Guts of gods

Guts of gods

The Red Cap Poet presents Guts of gods, is a spoken word poetry event series hosted by Rudolph Ruddapoet and started in 2016. The series features performances mostly by poets and includes special appearances by renowned poets and musicians, as well as occasional performances by Rudolph himself. Created for the lovers of the show as a spin-off from the popular Def Poetry which was airing since the 90’s. As with guts of gods, Rudolph appears at to use the medium to teach the audience what poetry and performance is all about.


After performing on various stages around the country and exploring the world, Ruddapoet uses the medium to tell the young and society what spoken word poetry entails and communicate the idea of words. He shares his struggles, the victory and the calling of a poet. He believes that poetry should live longer than popularity sings.



Poetry for the soul, entertainment, education, branding and confidence towards life as a poet or an aspiring one.



The series has featured budding poets from all around the country such as, Samuel de Poet, Decipher, Poetic Oracle, Anchorman and Wildeeland It also featured poets, Mind’s Eye, Snizel, Slorch-Empathy and Circuit. Though technically not a poetry slam, guts of gods is gradually associating with the Jos poetry slam movement, and utilizes many of the best known poets. Even poets who are critical of the poetry slam, such as David Onotu (Poetic Oracle), have acknowledged slam’s influence on the show.

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