Janus, your eyes may hold time
buried in the tomb of shadows,
but I am a descendant from prime
I lock eyes with the future that rhyme.
Janus, I sat on the philosophy of two eyes
certain the stares can blare fears.
Seek my conscience, plot my story
you ancient song dancing with no feet.

In January I feed on only prequels
and belched love to march guts of May.
Pardon my excessive excesses
and relinquish the bolt of my ego.
On the 5th thread of this tied nut
I seek thy all seeing eye
show me the grace, let me through this phase
and let I know the gift of an eye.
Through your eyes Janus, I saw birth
holding the hands of death to its womb.
I called your sands to print my foot.
Then silence answered with an echo.
Drop your rain and cry like a god
let your pain not dry in my blood.
I have called all who I can,
to peep to wisdom and teach their clan.
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