Sometimes, the future will hold your sun
while joy will leave you ashore with a son.
Lust is the one that last an evening
in a setting sun or when a look births.
No fluffy butterflies exist down there
it’s your guts talking, just be a man
don’t even fly away, you have no wings.

I live for today, tomorrow is far.
Your memory blinds my aching heart
I feel your gods have prayed for your fall.
The poet has his one belief
if it’s known, an atheist would grief.
Have you tried to study his bible
to synchronise his words deep in your mind.
You have no idea when his bulb shines
or lights his way when it’s not even dark.
I still read psalms and weep for dead-gone words
my faith lies in what I perceive more.
Here’s your fate in the shadowed poem
your lips are blind from aching ego
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